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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Healthy Food

Cheesy Sweet Potato Frittata (V)

After a busy weekend I could work from home today! Now that's luxury and perfect because I have a lot of work which needs to be done. Since I ate a lot of bread last week I didn't feel like having it again, nor did I felt like having I salad. So I decided to use some ingredients that I found in my fridge and stock and make this delicious well-filled frittata!

Noodlesoup with Shrimps and Cauliflower

Inspired by a dish from my Hello Fresh box a couple of weeks ago I decided to make a quick and easy noodlesoup myself and it turned out great! Perfect for when you feel like having a light dinner.


Golden Chicken with Sweet Potato Gratin

As promised, here is the second dish inspired by my favorite cookbook Jamie in 15 minutes. But instead of a regular potato gratin I have made a sweet potato gratin ​​(you can also replace the sweet potato ordinary potatoes) and I served it with steamed cauliflower. This is not a dish which makes a nice and tasty picture but my god what was it tasty! The potato gratin is delicious and I wish I had more. Maybe better not because I had eaten all haha.

Whitebait Tajine without a Tajine with Couscous

This recipe is based on a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks: Jamie in 15 minutes. Especially when I first started cooking healthy and clean I have made a lot of dishes from this book. In the meantime my tastes has changed so now other dishes also look very appealing and as I didn't have any inspiration for what I was goint to eat this week I got my book and looked for recipes that I haven't made yet. So this week you will have a few passing by;) and we start with this delicious dish! Of course I changed some things but it was very tasty.


Tuna Pickle Lunch Salad

Time for some new lunch inspiration! Here is my favorite lunch salad at the moment: my tuna pickle lunch salad.