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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Healthy Food

Cheesy Sweet Potato Frittata (V)

After a busy weekend I could work from home today! Now that's luxury and perfect because I have a lot of work which needs to be done. Since I ate a lot of bread last week I didn't feel like having it again, nor did I felt like having I salad. So I decided to use some ingredients that I found in my fridge and stock and make this delicious well-filled frittata!

Noodlesoup with Shrimps and Cauliflower

Inspired by a dish from my Hello Fresh box a couple of weeks ago I decided to make a quick and easy noodlesoup myself and it turned out great! Perfect for when you feel like having a light dinner.


Golden Chicken with Sweet Potato Gratin

As promised, here is the second dish inspired by my favorite cookbook Jamie in 15 minutes. But instead of a regular potato gratin I have made a sweet potato gratin ​​(you can also replace the sweet potato ordinary potatoes) and I served it with steamed cauliflower. This is not a dish which makes a nice and tasty picture but my god what was it tasty! The potato gratin is delicious and I wish I had more. Maybe better not because I had eaten all haha.

Whitebait Tajine without a Tajine with Couscous

This recipe is based on a recipe from one of my favorite cookbooks: Jamie in 15 minutes. Especially when I first started cooking healthy and clean I have made a lot of dishes from this book. In the meantime my tastes has changed so now other dishes also look very appealing and as I didn't have any inspiration for what I was goint to eat this week I got my book and looked for recipes that I haven't made yet. So this week you will have a few passing by;) and we start with this delicious dish! Of course I changed some things but it was very tasty.


Tuna Pickle Lunch Salad

Time for some new lunch inspiration! Here is my favorite lunch salad at the moment: my tuna pickle lunch salad.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Three Cool Tips For Living Healthy

Simple Living Healthy Tips

Start Small

Baby steps, that's our first living healthy tip. Make small changes in your lifestyle. People are usually resistant to drastic changes. That's why crash diets usually don't work.

So unless you have a health problem and need medical intervention, make incremental changes only. For instance, if you're not getting enough vegetables in your diet, include a couple of servings in just one meal every day for starters. Progress to both lunch and dinner later. Then add fruit to your breakfast.

If you're prone to snacking, wean yourself away from greasy items and replace them with healthy fast food like a lean meat sandwich or a tossed salad.

But like we mentioned earlier, exercise is one of the two essential ingredients to living healthy. A lot of us have sedentary lifestyles. We sit at desks in front of a computer for hours at a stretch, five or six days a week.

Keep Going

But the body needs movement to keep it healthy. It's what keeps the motor running. Those who live active lifestyles and love adventure sports, hiking and trekking have a greater chance of being healthy.

Sign up for a swimming class, water and mow the lawn twice a week, walk to work instead of taking the bus, if its not too far, or take the long route to the tube station rather than the short cut!

Physical activity keeps the heart pumping, the blood circulation going and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. It keeps your joints fluid, maintains bone mass, reduces stress and raises self-esteem.

So you see, it's not just about weight loss. Living healthy tips suggest small changes that simply keep your body fit.

Eat Right

Our second living healthy tip is to eat well. This essentially means two things - getting the right quantity of food and getting the right nutrients in a balanced diet. Here are a couple of questions you could ask yourself: are you eating enough fresh fruit? Are you getting enough vegetables? What about cereal, roughage and fiber?

If you're following our living healthy tips, perhaps you could switch from full-fat and whole milk to skimmed milks and other low-fat dairy products. This goes for cheese too.

Live Healthy - Six Steps To A Healthy Life

Six steps we can take to reduce our risks for heart disease

There are certain steps that we can take to reduce our risks of ever getting heart disease and having a heart attack.

For people like me who already have heart disease we can only do two things.

    Follow these steps in order to prevent the progression of our disease.
    Hope that a cure will be found to unclog our arteries before it's too late.

For all others you don't have to wait.

You can begin taking these steps now. You can ensure yourselves that you are reducing your risks of getting a heart attack and of developing heart disease. In the process you will be improving the way you look and feel today and live a more satisfying life.

Step number one- decide that you want to live healthy with pleasure, instead of being ill and suffering in pain

Daily we make decisions that affect our health; we decide whether to smoke, what to eat, whether to relax and whether we will exercise.

These decisions, done repeatedly, become our habits and determine our health, lifestyle and the quality of our life.

The first step we must do to change our bad and unhealthy habits to good and healthy ones is to associate pain with the bad habit, and pleasure with the good one.

When we are aware, know and realize that our bad habit will create pain disease and suffering we implant that idea into our mind and consciously and subconsciously begin to abstain from doing it.

When we create the same awareness and association, that pursuing the good habit will bring us pleasure joy and health, we implant that image into our mind and consciously and subconsciously we begin to pursue it.

So to begin, we must realize that living unhealthy is a cause of heart disease, heart attacks and death, and living healthy is a cause of happiness, success and wellbeing.

Step number two - We must begin by stopping the worst and most harmful habit of them all smoking

Quitting smoking is the next necessary step we must take. Smoking, beside for being a direct cause of heart disease, lung cancer and other diseases, inhibits our ability to do cardiovascular exercises.

Stopping to smoke is difficult for two reason, one since it becomes such an ingrained habit we cant see ourselves existing with out a cigarette, we define our existence and being as a smoker.

Another reason it is so difficult is because of the nicotine included in the cigarette which is very addictive, we feel we need it and we cannot live with out it.

Conversely, if we can convince ourselves that by continuing to smoke we are really shortening our existence and by continuing to smoke we soon won't exist at all.

If we can also implant the true idea in our minds that our existence as a smoker inhibits our ability to live life to the fullest and robs of living a really satisfying happy active life. We can begin to fantasize of what an active healthy full lifestyle is, and begin to crave it.

When our cravings for the good life increases our cravings for cigarettes decreases, and slowly but surely we can replace the bad habit smoking with a good one exercising.

Step number three- Begin living a active lifestyle by starting to do cardiovascular exercises

Exercising besides for the obvious benefit of getting us into shape, it also relieves stress, tension, and feelings of depression. All three, stress, tension, and depression are leading causes and risk factors for heart disease.

Once we have stopped smoking we have the ability to begin exercising, we can begin gradually by walking 30 minutes to 45 minutes every day. Since as a smoker leading a sedentary lifestyle we never walk, just walking will already increase our wellbeing.

Gradually as we get used to walking and we don't feel the effects, we can gradually increase our pace turning our leisure walks into brisk walks. By this time we should be feeling healthier and more courageous; we can now begin a real cardiovascular exercise regimen, keeping our heart rates elevated within our target heart rate zone for 20 minutes 3 to 5 times a week.

Step number four - Begin feeling good about ourselves

Now that we stopped smoking and are exercising three times a week for twenty minutes we start feeling good about ourselves. We don't feel stressed, we don't feel tensed, and when we do, we just take a walk or exercise and get immediate relief.

We feel accomplished we feel we can do anything and want to do everything. We feel that we want to live healthy for many years to come, we don't want things to change we don't want to age. We begin to search for ways to achieve it.

Step number five- Begin to watch our diets and our eating habits

Looking for ways to make sure we remain healthy.

We start watching the types of food we eat. Make sure not to eat fatty, fried foods, saturated fats and Trans fats, red meat and anything that is detrimental to our health.

We control our processed carbohydrates and begin looking for whole grains. We start eating fiber, fruits, vegetables, legumes. We eat lots of fish and essential fatty acids. We drink a glass of red wine every day

Step number six - we enjoy every moment we live healthy

By doing all of the above steps we can feel accomplished and enjoy every moment knowing that we did everything that we can to control our risks of getting heart disease and dying of a heart attack.

We stopped smoking, we lost weight, we reduced our LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, we increased our HDL, and we aren't stressed, tensed and depressed. We are leading a happy active satisfying lifestyle and live healthy.

At age 37 I had a heart attack. I wish I would of taken the necessary steps before that fatal day.

I have commited myself to educating and inspiring others to begin living a healthy active lifestyle, before the heart strikes.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

3 Things You Want to Know about Fitness Lifestyles

If you are following fitness lifestyles or intending to follow so, then it is most likely that you want to read what I’m about to say.

Most, if not all people, want to get fit and trim. If anything, being fit brings not just good health. It has a lot of other benefits in store for people However, despite wanting to be fit and trim, many people actually find it hard to continue following fit and healthy routines for a long time.

But if you really insist to get fit no matter what it takes, good for you! At the end of the day, here are three of the best things that you will enjoy as brought about by your unwavering efforts to follow fitness lifestyles:

First and foremost, following a fitness lifestyle will help you look good and be more confident about yourself. Our physical appearance, the way we look, plays an important role in boosting up one’s feeling of self worth. Especially among girls, it is a very gratifying feeling to be able to turn heads and get appreciative stares from people who pass you by.

Second, fitness lifestyles will spare you from terrible health predicaments. This is actually more important than the one above. If you are fit and trim, chances are less for you to get sick and deal with severe health problems. Obviously, this because your body gets all the nutritional substances it needs and excretes what it doesn’t in order to be able to perform well. As a result, you get hale and hearty at the end of the day.

Third, following fitness lifestyles enables you to save big bucks. With the sour condition of our economy today, it’s never wise on the pocket to get sick. Hospitalization, medication, and recovering from your illness will all require you to spend big sums of money. Following a nutritious diet is indeed a wise buck-saving idea.

I am not telling you that if you are into unhealthy lifestyles, you are absolutely doomed. What I’m rather insisting is that being fit comes with a lot of benefits. Not only three but hundreds of them. Now if you’re wondering if it’s possible for you to experience them all, it is.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Better Glance at Man’s Definition of How to Be Happy

It’s entirely easy to say be happy, or at least claim that you are. But in all honesty, only the dead knows how real happiness is exactly obtained. Meaning to say, as long as you live, you can’t really find a single formula to real happiness. This makes the word a relative term. What might make some happy might not be the same thing that will make you happy, or vice versa.

But don’t get me wrong, though. The world actually has its general notion about happiness. Or at least, we have standard societal norms that can help us determine what happiness really is, or close to it.

To be happy, most people would wish for a perfect health. Being healthy-- as a part of man’s definition of happiness--- must be complete in all its terms. You have to be physically healthy to be able to say you are happy, but that isn’t complete happiness. You also have be emotionally, socially, and mentally healthy, along with all other significant aspects of life.

But looking around, it is just so sad to note that in order to be happy, we often compromise our health. An irony, I must say, given the fact that a perfect health is one of the best things that man claims to make him happy. We see people party all night, eat a volume of unhealthy foodstuffs, and drink hard liquors while holding cigar on the side. But they say it is what makes them happy, so who cares? Well I say it is not right to compromise your health just so you can be happy.

Now enough with that already. My point here is that man really does the innate need to be happy. We want to be healthy because we’re sad when we are not. On the other hand, many people are compromising their health so they can have moments of happiness, or at least they think they do. But whatever it is that really makes you happy, you need to bear in your mind that happiness is not just a thing you wish for. Again I say, it is not entirely easy to be happy. With the ocean of definitions about happiness, you have to find what’s your own happiness is. But at the end of the day, I guess it’s only fair enough to say that you must not compromise your health and wellness as you chase the ultimate thing that will make you happy.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Be Happy while Enjoying Being Young

Being young does not really matter with the age. According to most people, the only one that ages is the body and the mind does not go with it. So literally speaking, even though your body might develop wrinkles and other signs of aging, you should be happy as your mind can still run as if you are ten or even twenty years younger. Yes, you can do this depending on what period of your life you want to think about.

Certainly, more and more people these days are getting worried on their looks as they age. You are probably one of them. However, all of you can’t escape from the fact that you really don’t have a chance to reverse your age. This maybe the main reason why you keep on purchasing anti-aging products made available in the market.  These products may help a little especially on the appearance of your skin. But if you really want to be happy and satisfied as you age, try diverting your focus on the happy thoughts and recreational activities.

There are just too many things that you can do like engaging to group activities that will enhance your outlook in life. If you only want to be with yourself alone, you can exercise, read books, or treat yourself by cooking your favorite dish or shopping in malls.

Being happy is not limited to the way we look and how our body is currently doing. Everything will depend on the way you think. In fact, there are people who seem to have all of the illnesses yet they stay happy. Why, simply because they are still very thankful that they are still breathing. Even though they are already very old, having a young mind keep them young at heart and mind.

So why not enjoy being young as you age and be happy? Stop thinking about the bodily changes you may have rather learn to accept them and live with them. Never fight your body’s normal processes as you have nothing to do with it. As long as you take care of it and avoid abusing it, everything will be just right.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Because A Healthy Life Matters, Take Care!

Okay, first impression. You are surely thinking that this is just another of those health-is-wealth-so-treasure-it write-ups that you always come across in books, magazines, the TV, and over the web. It must be a hackneyed tale that tells nothing new. Well that could be partly true but not entirely. Sure, we’d be talking most about an old truth—our health is our most important asset. But this time, we are reviving that truth. The reason? Many are forgetting about its prime importance.

Everybody wants a healthy life. But not all who wants it actually applies it. As a matter of fact, a lot of people are living a life that is extremely in contrast to the kind of life they are aiming for, or at least they claim to aim.  This is in particular reference to what people mostly eat.

Whether you admit it or not, you have your own share of delectable—mostly unhealthy—cravings. But who doesn’t? Sweet pastries and chocolates beg to be eaten and it’s just so hard to resist them. After all, they’re not called darling and delectable temptations for nothing.

But here’s the thing. Yielding to your delectable cravings and not leaving any room for a healthy life can kill. This is a straightforward fact that must be highlighted. In most cases, degenerative and chronic diseases are triggered by the kinds of foods and drinks that we take in. For instance, you have a predisposition to type 1diabetes after inheriting it from your father. But although the ailment is already there, your lifestyle—particularly the kinds of foods you eat and drink—play a major role in worsening your case.

So watch what you eat and drink. You cannot simply pray for a healthy life and then that’s it. You need to exert an effort to live your life the healthiest way you can. Sounds hard? Well, at first it could really be. But once you have gotten used to it, you won’t even feel you have some personal restrictions in your lifestyle particularly regarding what you eat and drink. And finally, because your health matters, take care!